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  • The watching eyeballs have been removed from this site! I put the poll up to see just how many people were annoyed with them, and majority rule. No more eyes! I apologize for leaving that same poll up for so long also. My computer has been giving me trouble so it has been difficult to get online.
  • Check out the all new Alex Dedication Page! Now open.
  • The Arts and Entertainment channel (A&E) is re-running Third Watch episodes Monday - Friday at 11 pm est, 10 Central, and on Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm est, 9 Central. I will keep an eye out for any more times they may rerun it.
  • Looking for a Third Watch song? Check out this website! It has all different Third Watch songs listed: http://www.webspawner.com/users/emtplatt/index.html
  • As of now, I do NOT know of any Third Watch soundtrack CD being out!
  • As of now, only the pages listed below are open. Some of the pages will be moved to a different server and they're getting redone. I apologize for all the trouble.

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