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The Bobby Dedication Page!

Since Feb 26, 2001

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Welcome to the Bobby Dedication Page. This page was made in honor of the paramedic, Roberto Caffey, who was shot and killed on Febuary 26th on Third Watch. (Bobby is a character on Third Watch, not a real person)

Bobby was a good person who was always trying to help people. He was trying to get his best friend, Pauly, off drugs when he was killed. Bobby threw Pauly's drugs into the toilet when Pauly came in with a gun and was ready to shoot Bobby is he did not give him the drugs back. Bobby refused and Pauly shot him.

It's a terrible tragety, we'll all miss Bobby greatly. May he Rest In Peace.

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Good Luck to Bobby Cannavale on all his future plans including any new show he gets on!

Click here to download Bobby's song, Only Time, by Enya

Picture used and edited with permission from 'Third Watch Fan's Site' (*F)