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Third Watch Links!

Every good Third Watch Page I have found listed here:

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    Official Websites:
  • The Official NBC Third Watch Site

    -This is one of the Official sites for Third Watch. It has the promo pictures along with the upcoming episode summary. You can also get information on the cast here and find out the names of some of the music used on the show.

  • The Official Warner Brothers Third Watch Site

    -Warner Brothers is the company that runs the Third Watch show. This flash site has every episode summary along with information on the cast members. It also has some pictures and a feature where you can send a message to a cast member.

  • The United Kingdom Warner Bros. Third Watch Page

    -This is a very fancy flash site by the Warner Brothers company in the UK. It has cast info, show background, a glossary of police/medical terms, even a quiz! It is an excellent page to find out information on Third Watch.

  • The NYPD's Official Site

    -This is the Official NYPD website with information on what's going on in the city and all the police business.

    Third Watch Information Sites:

  • NBC Media Village

    -A GREAT site to get all the latest Third Watch news along with official promotion pictures. It has tons of information about the show.

  • TKtv (Third Watch)

    -A Third Watch page that is kept up to date and lists every episode summary. It has information and all the Third Watch news. It also has a discussion board. It's a great site to look up episode information.

  • Pazsaz Entertainment Network

    -A Third Watch site that lists the basic information: the cast list and episode names. A good site to find out the names of the episodes and when they originally aired.

    Third Watch Fan Sites:

  • The Third Watch

    -This is a great Third Watch page! It has an excellent design and great pictures. It also has quotes and cast information; a great page to look up Third Watch.

  • Third Watch On Call

    -This is one of the best Third Watch pages out there! It has Third Watch news, polls, tons of pictures, Got Milk ads, transcripts, quotes, and more! This is a great page to check out!

  • Third Watch Music Videos

    -This is a very cool Third Watch page. The videos are a must see!

  • Third Watch "Down Under"

    -An excellent and colorful Third Watch Page. It has plenty of pictures and some polls. It provides good information on Third Watch.

  • JoJo's World

    -A very interesting Third Watch site. Has good pictures, bios, fanfiction and more. Unfortunatly it is not being updated anymore.

  • Third Watch Crew

    -This new Third Watch page was created to help save the show when it was endangered of being cancelled.

  • Camelot's Third Watch

    -This is a new Third Watch page I discovered. It is still developing so make sure you keep checking it out!


    -This is a brand new Third Watch page who's link was sent to me. Be sure to check this one out, but its in Portuguese. Even if you don't read Portuguese it is still worth going and looking at the pictures!

  • Clarabelle's Third Watch Page

    -This is a little Third Watch page I found one day. It says it's still under construction but doesn't seem to be updated in a long time either. So far it only has the cast bios and the show background.

    Third Watch Character/Actor Fan Sites:

  • The Sullivan Page

    -This site was created by my sister, (Sullydude) and she dedicated it to her favorite Third Watch Character, John Sullivan. This is the page that some of the comics came from. This page also has puzzles, Elibs, Polls, a picture gallery as wackey as mine, and tons of info on Skipp Sudduth and John Sullivan.

  • Lin's Jason Wiles Page

    -This is an excellent website for Jason Wiles who plays Bosco. It has a great picture collection, although most of the pictures are of Jason, there are some of the other actors too. This is one of the best Third Watch Pages out there!

  • Bobby Cannavale Haven

    -This is the best page for Bobby Cannavale out there! It keeps track of everything he's doing and also includes many parts about Third Watch. It has plenty of pictures, news, quotes, and everything Bobby. I would DEFINITLY recommend it to anyone wanting information on Bobby.

  • Watching Over Coby

    -This is one of the newer Third Watch sites but is excellent for obtaining information about Coby and all his Third Watch work. I would definitly recommend that you check it out!

  • NYPDBosco's JASON WILES Page

    -This is another great Jason Wiles Page. It has Bosco quotes, fanfiction, pictures and more. If you are a Bosco/Jason Wiles fan, you must see this page!

  • *-*Jason Wiles: UNDERGROUND GOODS*-*

    -This one is a brand new Jason Wiles Page. It has lots of info on Jason and alos lots of good pictures. This is a great Jason Wiles page so make sure you check it out!

Third Watch Clubs and Fanfiction Sites:

  • 55 HQ (An Archive for Third Watch Fan Fiction)

    -This Third Watch page is totally dedicated to fanfiction. It has a great collection of stories and also has an artwork area of people who have submitted drawings. If you are a Third Watch Fanfiction fan, definitly check this site out!


    -This is an excellent Third Watch discussion club that always brings the latest news. It's one of the most popular Third Watch sites out there!

  • Third Watch Hangout

    -An excellent Yahoo Third Watch club to discuss all the episodes. Check it out!


    -Another excellent Yahoo Third Watch club which is run from Australia! Definitly check this one out!

    Third Watch Crew (The Club)

    -This Yahoo club was created to help keep Third Watch on the air. Join this club to keep Third Watch going for years to come!

  • Third Watch Fanfiction Archive

    -An excellent place to post your fanfiction and read others! There is plenty of it, especially about Bobby and Kim.

    Third Watch's Bosco Club

    -An excellent Bosco fan club at Yahoo. If you are a Bosco fan, you should definitly check this site out!

    The Jason Wiles Emmy Crew

    Another great Bosco/Jason Wiles club at Yahoo. Completly dedicated to Bosco/Jason. A great place for his fans to get together post messages.


    A brand new Third Watch group! This site is up and coming so be sure to check it out!

Got a Third Watch website? SEND ME THE LINK! And I'll put it up on this page. E-mail me at: and please include the name of your site, the address, and any comments you have. And if you find and dead links, be sure to e-mail the names of the site. Thank you.